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Carol is a Mom, Granny, Teacher, Student, Workshop Facilitator and Healer. She loves to be of service and always says if she can just make a difference in one person’s life then it has all be worthwhile.
Her Best Friend and Child is Merlin (Yorkie) who is 8 years old a very precious part of her classes and workshops, he cannot resist the urge to sit on everybody’s lap and loves people and attention.


Morning a short taster of my classes

Posted by Carol De Vasconcelos on Monday, 18 May 2020

What my clients have to say

Thank you for the great zoom classes we had. It was great to meet the ladies and all so unique in their own way. Learnt a lot about myself again. Really appreciate it and for allowing me to do the course.. I think the cherry on the top was the final orbs. To know that I am protected and loved at all times was a bonus and so happy the other ladies loved it to. Thank you once again for this beautiful opportunity.
Lots of love - Dawn
I just want to say a thank you for the most amazing classes below - If you would like to use this for your website please do. Thank you so much for the wonderful online Zoom Psychic classes we are sadly finishing this week – it has been an exciting introduction to the angelic realm and lots of fun to work in the online group space. So much information and support always offered – thank you with gratitude - I am definitely signing up for more classes with you Carol.
Lots of love - Talyah
My introduction to Carol was unexpected. I was seeing her name on most local ‘esoteric/ new age’ websites I went to, her name had been mentioned in a number of group discussions and when I was told to go to her for crystal ‘training’ I knew it was divine intervention. Her energy, passion, love and respect she has and expresses towards these precious minerals from Mother Gaia, can’t but impact your life. Carol has, and will continue to re-establish the lost connection I have to these gems, and help me remember our workings together from lifetimes prior, to facilitate healing here & now. Crystals have become an integrated part of me life… from relaxation and healing of self, to comforting others and supporting the therapies I facilitate. Thank you for your support, guidance and advise thus far and sharing with me your passion.
Thank you Carol, Namaste Regards, Kirsti
I really enjoyed the crystal healing aspect, learning new techniques and experiencing the healing for myself. With Foundation 1, I had huge shifts taking place in my life. I was made to look at various relationships and to make changes in certain areas - all for the better. The shift with Foundation 2 has so far been more subtle and kinder.
With love from Linda
Thank you Carol, for being the beautiful person that you are, and I am blessed to have met you again in this life.
Much love Wendy
Thank you for being my Earth Angel and being there in my time of need.
Love light and laughter - Dorothy

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