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DNA Activation

My purpose is to help you activate your DNA and unleash your potential and in order to do what is for your highest good, I have now split the DNA Activation over 3 sessions as I am finding that the energy download in the stand-alone 2hr session is too intense

Session New : 30 mins - R 150.00

  • Emotional Cord Cutting, Spell Removal, Purification by Light.

Session 1 Details – 90mins – R350:

  • Consultation, Crown Cap Removal, Emotional Cord Cutting, Spell Removal, Purification by Light, Removal of any entities, blockages and Etheric structures. Ancient Crystal Healing, DNA Activation Part 1.

Session 2 Details – 90mins – R350 (3-4 weeks later):

  • Connect with your Higher-self, Reiki Healing, Full Energy Balancing,16 Lotus Petal Balancing, Chakra Alignment, DNA Activation Part 2.

Session 3 Details – 60mins – R250 (4 weeks later):

  • Celestial Code work within the 1st layer of the aura to remove recurring “lessons” from the energy field, DNA Activation Part 3.

Thereafter it is recommended to come for a “check up” every 6 months as the more your vibration rises, the more “stuff” will come up for you to release. Having regular energy balancing will assist you with your physical health, emotional well being and energy levels.

Energy Reflexology

This is a reflexology system oriented towards facilitating the flow of healing energy into the body and energy field by applying reflexology massage techniques to the feet.

The entire body is reflected in the feet. The areas on the feet corresponding to the areas of the body is known as "reflexes" or "correspondences " In the western world this systematic body of information has become known as "zone theory"

Massaging the feet is very relaxing and calming. One theory is that it breaks up and disperses crystals, which have been deposited in the feet reflexes. Another theory is that there are electrical impulses triggered off by pressure massage on a tender reflex, which produces a subtle energy flow, which brings that renewal of vitality to the person receiving treatment.

No matter what the theory is, it works.

Reiki Treatment

Every cell in the body absorbs Reiki. It is absorbed in amounts necessary to bring about energetic balance and flows to wherever there is a deficiency in energy. It removes energy blockages or stagnant energy and balances the energy centers (known as chakras) When energy is flowing in a balanced way both mind and body becomes relaxed. As this happens, all the organs and body systems start to function better.

Common experienced effects of Reiki include the feeling of relaxation and peace; rapid healing of cuts burns, bruises, sprains and relief from headaches and pain. Healing occurs not only on the physical level but also the mental and emotional levels creating a feeling of mental well-being and sometimes even radical changes in attitudes (always for the better).

Reiki I , Reiki II , Reiki III and Masters classes are also being offered now.
And should you wish to study with me you will receive the methods and unique attunements

Crystal Healing Treatments

Crystals turn on the light in our lives and make everything clear.
They do not make things happen as people believe but they bring clarity.
In addition, they stimulate our inner resources to cope. They promote a state of peace and balance, reduce stress, and produce harmony within. This helps you to accomplish what you set out to do. The crystals are different colours, so I also use colour therapy by using the crystals on the body.

Colour is a force that can change mood, stimulate the mind and heal the body and balance the body energy (chakras)
It is time to transform your life.

Crystal Workshops are also offered.

  • Crystal and Crystal Essence Healing
    Come and join me, and I will use an old trusted method to access which crystal and then crystal essences you need at this time in your life. I will do a crystal massage and healing and use crystals on the body using guidance from my guides and angels and make a essence that you will take home with you, to further support you.
  • Crystal Massage with hot oils
    We are energy and everything around us is energy - so i have decided to offer a new way of keeping your body in balance. The treatment I offer will be using Crystals and hot crystal oils that i make and using your body as a guide to which oils and crystals you need at this point in your life, and with the vibratory pattern of the interacting oils with your own energy field they bring it into balance again. The body's own ability to heal itself is stimulated. They aid in release of blockages or issues at root level.

    I hope you will utilize this wondrous gift from the earth for your own spiritual growth
Regression Therapy

The purpose of a past life regression is to clear whatever magnets exist in our past that are preventing us from moving forward. Past life regression recall does not occur unless the present life is being affected by something specific that needs to be cleared and learned from.

Inner Child Work

We often hear "I know my inner child is hurting what can I do? " This treatment, meditation and workshop are designed to expand our perceptive so that we can change our beliefs and attitudes, which create our problems. Our attitude to people as well as situations changes. They respond differently to us and our lives become harmonious.



Aromatherapy Massage

Massage is also one of the best ways to treat many of our commonest modern day ailments. Stress , lack of energy, sleeplessness, fatigue , PMT, cellulite, headache, back ace and many, many more. Feel instantly better after the right massage routine. Combined with aromatherapy oils this technique works like a dream.

If you have regular relaxing massages, you will never be tense and will be healthier and happier throughout your life

Anteneea Technique

This therapy touches the soul and transforms your life. It restores balance to the energy centers and positively affects the emotions.

Various body techniques are used and 12 coloured oils are placed onto the body with one and a half hours of bodywork to balance and align the entire being. Vibrational medicine such as that used in the Antaneea Technique system combines the entire spectrum of healing possibilities using only natural elements. Movement, sound, touch, and colour are used to nourish the human energy system and aid the body in recovering its own balance of health. In this natural way, consciousness is evolved as the body heals.


What is Metamorphosis ?

  • Change of character, conditions, and or form.
  • A self-healing art, a philosophy on creation and a new way of life
  • Healing from the inside out.
  • Metamorphosis is a means of re-educating the unconscious mind and of eliminating deeply seated influence of genetic, karmic, and other sources.
  • Based on the ancient system of reflexology, we use the reflexes of the feet, hands and head and the spine when the need arises.
  • There is not limit to age or the severity of the problem. It is the student who effects the change and it is this inner change, which alters the attitude of minds, which causes the illness in the first place. Meta is open to anyone who wants to make a fundamental change in his or her way of living. We can be healthy, but to do so we need to change our primary attitude of mind towards life, which was formed at conception.
  • Meta can be used by anyone who has a desire to effect a real and permanent change in his or her behavioral patterns.

I offer angel reading for all who are requiring assistance and counseling, as well as seeking guidance and needing tools to help them to make a change in their life and wanting to connect with their soul purpose. This is done with the help of Angelic Guidance using the cards.

You are then offered and energy balancing after the reading which is a clearing, changing and balancing of the energy fields of the body. This is done with the help of the angels of healing, coloured oils, crystals and also Reiki energy.

Please bring a list of questions with you wish to ask.

Emotional Cord Cutting
  • Duration: 30mins
  • Includes: Crown Cap Removal, Spell Removal & Purification by light
Energy Balancing
  • Duration: 90mins
  • Includes: Crown Cap Removal, Clearing of central core, Lotus Petal Balancing, Chakra Balancing and clearing, Negative Crystal removal & Aura Healing
Auric Healing
  • Duration: 30mins
  • Includes: Crown Cap Removal, Clearing of central core, Auric Healing
  • Info: Injecting the aura with the Ensophic Ray of Light to repair holes and tears in the Auric layer and bring the aura back into balance
Touched by an Angel
A beautiful angelic massage using the Archangel Oils. Come and experience the bliss.

R260.00 1 hour treatment
Energy Reflexology and Stress Massage
R200.00 40 min Stress release
Back and shoulder colour massage.
Allow your body to relax and soak up all the colours it needs and relax.
R180.00 40 min
Aromatherapy full body.
Hot oil used and this will relax and rejuvenate your body and soul
R260.00 1 hour treatment
Chakra balancing and alignment massage.
Let your body soak up all the colors and balance your life.
R260.00 1 hour treatment
Reiki Treatments (first treatment)
Included is a discussion on treatment findings, and crystals are used.
R280.00 1 hour treatment
Reiki Treatment.
Crystals are also used.
R250.00 1 hour treatment
Crystal and Hot Oil Massage and Healing
Crystal massage with hot oils (from Egypt)
R260.00 1 hour treatment
Regression Treatment
Metamorphic Technique Treatment (1st three treatments)
Metamorphic Technique Treatment (1st three treatments)
Anteneea Technique
Massage once only to balance alignand relax, includes sound harmonics
1 hour – R260.00
Anteneea Technique
1 ½ hours – physical, emotional, and spirit body massage, plus sound harmonics - simply divine
Angel Reading and Healing
The reading is 1 hour long and the treatment is ½ hour long
Angel Reading and Healing
The reading is ½ hour long and the treatment is ½ hour long
Emotional Cord Cutting
Energy Balancing
R 250.00
Auric Healing
Crystal healing & Soul Retrieval
+/- 2hours
Spiritual Self Help Kits

I was guided to make these Kits when I was asked by my clients to come and clear homes of negative energies and to put protection around homes and people and tell them how they can be more prosperous.

The instructions are changed ever so often as I get new information.

The Kits are made by me personally; I do all the blessing of the candles, incense and salt.

This must be done with great care and I need to be in the correct frame of mind and vibration when I am working with theses energies.

When you decide which Kit to buy you are asked to be aware that these kits work on a very high vibration and that it may feel like “All hell has broken loose” as they clear the toxic energy.

When I used the Spiritual Home & Work Cleansing & Blessing Kit the first time all the electricity of my Townhouse complex went out and we had no power for a day and a half City Power could not find the fault. ( I know what it was my Kit that had cleared the energy system of the whole complex as well as my home).

One of the other girls that bought the Prosperity Kit called to tell me she had too much money in her account and was checking if all her stop orders had gone thru. So they work differently for everyone……………… But as always you need to read the small print for example if you do not believe that you are worthy on all levels then you are going to have quite a time with the Prosperity Kit as it will bring up all the issues of worthiness for you to look at and BOY will you HAVE TO LOOK . So they work on many levels they are not just designed to do what is on the label they work with each person individually , my intention when I make them is to work for the highest good of all who buy them.

I now have been working on the Bath Kit and it is designed to bring in angelic assistance and balance you in a wonderful Golden Angelic Energy and comes with a Ritual that you perform before you bath. The Love Kit is designed to help you to cut negative cords and work on bringing in New love into your vibration – but if you have problems with Love then it will highlight them and you will have to face them.

The Protection Kit will do just that will protect you against all undesirable issues & people, but again if you feel venerable then the energy of the kit will highlight this. The Real Estate Kit is for when you have tried to sell you home and are not able to and feel very despondent- this kit shifts the energy – also used when you want to rent out your property. One of my clients bought the Kit as her property had been on the books for rental for a year , after using the Kit two weeks later the property was rented. But remember if you have issues around selling and rental…………then the kits will work for you highest good whatever that may be.

Hope that this gives you a bigger and better picture and remember energy is fantastic to work with …………the result is always perfect for YOU !

Protection Kit R 150.00

  • Protection Kit is intended to assist you in removing negative energy and out dated ways of thinking and instill a feeling of safety and protection.
  • A powerful tool for all those feeling the need for personal and emotional protection.
  • Comes with full instructions to use the kit.
  • I pkt blessed Himalayan protection salt, Protection Incense, White Dressed & Blessed Candle ,
  • 3 blessed and programmed Obsidian crystals, instruction how to use the kit.

The Spiritual Blessing and Clearing Blessing Kit- R150.00

The Prosperity Kit R120.00

  • The Prosperity Kit is used to attract wealth and prosperity into your life.
  • Comes complete with everything you need to perform this!
  • Kit includes: Green Dressed &Blessed Candle, Blessed Incense, Citrine & Garnet crystal, mint, 1 pkt Himalayan salt blessed.

The House or Work place Blessing Kit

  • This House Blessing Kit is used to remove old or negative energy from your own home helping you to move forward and getting rid of all negativity or can be given as a gift to friends and family moving to a new home.
  • Perfect for removing tension stored from building a new home or previous tenants energies. Can also be used to bless your work place. Comes complete with instructions.
  • Pink Dressed &Blessed Candle, Blessed Incense , 1 pkt Himalayan blessed salt, Tigers eye crystal
  • R120.00 each

The Real Estate Blessing Kit R150.00

  • The Real-Estate Blessing Kit is used for 2 reasons; to help sell your home or to buy a new one.
  • If you are trying to sell your home this ritual will help you remove or identify any energy that is keeping you from selling your house. If you are looking to buy or have bought a new home this blessing will direct you on how to clear your home of any old or negative energy so you can start fresh.
  • This is a great gift for you realtors to give your home buyers.
  • Pictures of a Saint, Pink Dressed and Blessed Candle, Blessed incense, 1pkt Blessed Himalayan Salt, Tigers eye crystal.

The Love Kit R150.00

  • The Love Kit is for welcoming new love into your life, renew your current love, or to find self love. All materials are included to perform this lovely kit.
  • Pink Dressed and Blessed Candle, Blessed incense, Rose quartz crystal, prayer, paper to write intention on.
  • Instruction to use the kit.

The Crystal Clearing Kit

  • The crystal clearing kit comes with the tools and instructions to clear and cleanse your crystals . You can take it with you when you are travelling and give as a gift to others. Complete instructions inside.
  • White Dressed &Blessed Candle, Blessed Incense, 1 pkt Himalayan blessed salt. Prayer
  • R120.00 each

The Bath Kit R150.00

  • Remarkable kits for performing the ancient practice of "ritual bathing" in the privacy of one's own home. Magical, historical, and inspirational,. 1pkt Himalayan blessed Bath salts, pink candle, a prayer, blessed clear crystal, blessed incense, instructions on how to use the tools . You can use it in the bath and in a foot bath.
  • Clearing your aura , Angelic Assistance, Balance the Chakra’s

Blessed Himalayan salt – on is own - R80.00

Salt harvested from the Himalayan Mountains is unlike any other sea salt, unique in both its majestic beauty and in the benefits it provides. If you add raw, untreated Himalayan salts to your bath you will notice the difference immediately. When mixed with water, these salts create an environment that mimics the most ancient seas on earth, bringing the magic of the Himalayas right into your own home. When you soak in a salt or “brine” bath, as it is also called, the minerals and nutrients inherent in the salt are delivered to your cells in the form of “ions”, making it easier for your body to absorb them and utilize them.

Himalayan bath salts can improve the texture, tone and appearance of your skin, combat water retention, promote sinus health, prevent muscle cramping and soreness, regulate sleep, decrease stress and even support your libido. It is crucial that you purchase the salts in their pure, natural form to experience all these benefits.


  • Available on there own – Dressed – Blessed R12.00 each in all colours.


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