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In this workshop all the ladies created there very own handmade crystal wand. Crystal Wands serve as an extension of ourselves and our abilities. Crystal wands are used for healing, direction of power, consecrations, and blessings. Crystal Wands have long been the healing tool of many shamans, healers, and metaphysicians. The magic wands of the past are believed to have been used by the highly-evolved crystal healers of Atlantis, and many practitioners today believe that wands from far-off times are surfacing once again, complete with their powerful programming. We had such fun creating the different wands and they were all unique to the owners. You do a powerful consecrating ceremony of the wands and then are given notes on how to use your personal wand
Crystal Workshop
This is the area where I am truly able to express my absolute passion for crystals. Noah and White Stream two of my Master Guides are also working with me, giving me new idea and inspiration when I teach the classes. I have seen a remarkable change in the students over a weekend. I feel a deep connection to Mother Earth thru my working with crystals and just love the energy they are such powerful healing tools.
The Spiritual Garden of Gratitude - Rietvlei Farm
On Sunday we all met at the Star Garden (Garden of Gratitude) at Rietvlei Farm in the South of Johannesburg. The elementals made sure that we had a perfect day, the sun was shining and the birds were all singing. I arrived early to set up as the whole workshop was being presented in the fresh air out in the open. I was amazed at all the butterflies and bees in the garden (Transformation and abundance)

When everyone had arrived we sat on tree stumps in the meditation circle under some wonderful trees we did a gratitude prayer and a prayer to ask for assistance from all the elementals, fairies, elves, tress spirits etc. Then we used the wonderful energy of the garden to do exercises to connect us to our Mother earth, to the wind, air, water and ether.

This was just a wonderful experience and everyone could feel the difference in their body when the elements were balanced. We also walked in the Fairy Garden and could feel them watching us and supporting us on all levels. We then walked the Star Garden and each person took their own pathway (as we do thru life) and we poured some wine out on the Earth just thanking her for all the blessings and support that we received from her and receive on a doily basis.

I kept on getting the same messages the whole day ……………..go back to nature and work with mother earth the elements and the elementals . When last did you take time out of your schedule to take a walk in

Have you looked at the clouds lately and received a message? Or are you running around your busy life and just putting fires out all over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: See if you can find the orbs in the photographs

Teachers Training at Budmash Lodge
Notice the rainbows blessings coming from above we discovered this portal quite by accident.
A recent crystal course

I have to thank you for being so special in offering us all your information with so much love, You are truly wonderful and your workshop was divine. I truly loved it. I went to go crystal shopping on Sunday, and it was amazing to see how differently Chantal and I looked at these gems.


We thank you!
The course was wonderful and a real eye opener. The information was literally life changing.

Hi Carol
I would like to say thank you for the course. I really enjoyed it. It seemed to have opened something in me that I haven’t seen in ages.

Feedback from Clients whom attended my courses / workshops

My introduction to Carol was unexpected. I was seeing her name on most local ‘esoteric/ new age’ websites I went to, her name had been mentioned in a number of group discussions and when I was told to go to her for crystal ‘training’ I knew it was divine intervention. Her energy, passion, love and respect she has and expresses towards these precious minerals from Mother Gaia, can’t but impact your life. Carol has, and will continue to re-establish the lost connection I have to these gems, and help me remember our workings together from lifetimes prior, to facilitate healing here & now. Crystals have become an integrated part of me life… from relaxation and healing of self, to comforting others and supporting the therapies I facilitate. Thank you for your support, guidance and advise thus far and sharing with me your passion. Thank you Carol, Namaste Regards, Kirsti

Herewith a short piece on my experiences:

I really enjoyed the crystal healing aspect, learning new techniques and experiencing the healing for myself. With Foundation 1, I had huge shifts taking place in my life. I was made to look at various relationships and to make changes in certain areas - all for the better. The shift with Foundation 2 has so far been more subtle and kinder. With love from Linda

Dear Carol

I have found Crystal Foundation one and two very important for my spiritual growth and clearing, most informative, and great fun. Crystals have always fascinated me, but I did not realize their immense power till doing the courses.

After the first module, I experienced great shifts in my life. Emotions, like anger, lack of self-worth and frustration, that I have kept buried deep inside for most of my life, were brought to the surface with great force, released and resolved, resulting in better relationships with all of those involved.

In the second module, I experienced physical healing as well, as aches and pains that I have been carrying - probably associated with the anger and frustration etc deeply buried - disappeared at the same time. I feel a lightness that was not there before

The energy generated by the group and by the crystals in both Modules was palpable, and there was no doubt of the presence of Guides, Angels and the Masters around all of us .

However, I feel that the crystals must be used with caution as well as love, as in Module two when undergoing a Crystal layout on my body, I found myself "out of that body" at one stage - floating somewhere in Consciousness- and coming back with a bump that sent the crystals that were so carefully placed on me to fly all over the room. A disconcerting experience for everyone present!

Carol's knowledge of Crystals is very profound, and her way of presenting the courses is unique. There is theory, practical work and a lot of seriousness, but also a lot of humour, and laughter which is essential for grounding. There are lovely like-minded people to meet at the courses and Carol always goes out of her way to prepare and beautifully present tasty food that appeals to everyone's dietary requirements.....not to mention the Chocolates!

Thank you Carol, for being the beautiful person that you are, and I am blessed to have met you again in this life. Much love Wendy

Afternoon Carol

Module 1

Interesting to go into your crystal and discover what the message contained in it was for you – my crystal of choice was a blue Celestite Geode in which I found my ancient teacher who is a Red Indian Medicine Woman who told me to call her “Suzy Q” and that she had a lot to teach me, I need to sit a lot more with my crystal in mediation to connect with her to get the teachings that she has for me.

When it came to the crystal massage, I found this extremely gentle, revealing a lot about my inner self and relaxing. Also felt a massive shift take place whilst the massage was being done. When doing the crystal massage on my partner also felt very calm and I felt I was being guided by a higher energy.

Lots of laughter with the crystals between the toes.

The crystal healing questionnaire was interesting to do and the answers very informative. Likewise with the Chakra questionnaire.

I did a lot of shifting on the Saturday and that evening was very nauseous, also on Sunday, so I guess I took on what the group had to get rid of.

Module 2

We did an interesting Chakra balancing therapy massage exercise using coloured pieces of felt material which related to the chakra colours on our bodies with a clear quartz crystal and then later on again, still using the coloured pieces, but this time using crystals of our own choice on our partners. Whilst this was being done to me I was extremely emotional and there were lots of tears. Once again when I had to do my partner, I felt like I was a completely different person and was being guided by a higher energy. This session I think was healing and informative for all concerned.

The best was left for last – the crystal foot reflexology massage. This was a very gentle relaxing massage, and picked up areas of the body that needed to be looked at. I also enjoyed doing my partner. Whilst the foot massages were being doing there was lots of laughter and interaction with each other and lots of questions asked, and answered.

Found over the 2 week-ends that with the group being small, lots of questions were asked, Carol took her time giving the answers and explanations. It was a wonderful experience to be with like minded people and to gain such valuable knowledge from Carol.

I look forward to Module 3


Yes I will definitely be booking for the next workshop. But would like to thank-you, from the tip of my wings to the bottom of my toes….for the amazing day on Saturday! Once again, another WOW experience. ?
Hi Carol

Thank you so much for Saturday - It truly was a hugely uplifting day, and I believe that you touched every one of us!!!

Hi Carol

Sunday was AWESOME!!! We loved it. I have just resigned from my current position and the owner of the lodge where I work is particularly vindictive if he is challenged in any way. Needless to say, on Monday ( and every day since) I did my protection, asked my Guardian Angel to speak to his, sent him humming balls.... and he has been awesome. My colleagues are amazed at just how wonderful he has been, even to the point of asking me to work my notice, which in a Sales and Marketing position is unheard of. The norm is to leave immediately.

So, thank you, it does work!

Firstly thank you so much for organising a venue that was accessible. I have wanted to get involved with “The Angels” for such a long time and every time I made an enquiry the venue was never suitable! So that was the first plus!!

On arrival your ‘helpers’ went out of their way to assist me with registration, it was a wonderful warm reception.

I absolutely loved the grounding and protection exercise and have already made it part of my daily routine…….like brushing my teeth!
Thank you for making me feel so special on Sunday…….. I don’t think I was alone……I had the feeling EVERYONE at the workshop felt special.

Thank you for Saturday, it was very inspiring and a lot of fun. The book I won was just what I needed. The Angels must have known. I forgot to tell you that at the beginning of the session you had light behind head and next to you. Please keep my on your mailing list.
Thanks again

A photo of my son Michael and his wife Carla’s Wedding showing that Angels do make their appearance at all happy occasions.
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