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Smokey Quartz reminds us to connect with Earth. We have chosen the Earth Plane as our home in this lifetime, and though many long for the freedom of their energetic state of being, we have to remember that we have a task to complete before we can return to the higher realms.

It is extremely difficult to act on the Earth Plane when your head is in the clouds, unless you bring the high energy down and share it with the Earth, your energy will become stagnant, and your higher chakras will close. And you will be unable to fulfill the purpose that you took upon yourself when you incarnated into the physical realm.

Smokey Quartz has quite an impact on removing background radiation. It helps with grounding. The essence is recommended in elixir form or in a spray to cleanse the aura and remove frenetic energy from the auric layers of the body (I keep the elixirs so if you require them send me a e mail at carol@angelawareness.co.za) Smokey Quartz also helps to treat adrenal fatigue and stress as well as colon sluggishness and toxicity through its sodium content, Call in Smokey Quartz when a miracle is needed.

Chakra: Root

Affirmation: I release that which no longer serves me and open my heart, mind, and soul for endless miracles to appear in my life now

Carol has crystals for sale and should you require any more knowledge about crystals contact her carol@angelawareness.co.za

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