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Archange Gabriel

His name means ‘God is my Strength’. He works on the forth ray (white) and his twin flame is Hope. He has been our most frequent visitor from the higher realms. He told of the coming of Jesus and John the Baptist and parted the Red sea for Moses. He is also known as the Spirit or Messenger of Truth, it is said that he dictated the Koran to Mohammed.

Archangel Gabriel brings qualities of Harmony, purification joy, grace, clarity, and order to your life and can help bring guidance about the next step in your life and your life’s mission.

He is the Archangel of childbirth and together with Mother Mary is in attendance as a new soul comes in. Gabriel assists with bringing together hopeful parents with the children they are yearning for – preparing the way for either child conception or adoption. He supports by bringing, courage, strength, and faith which creates a harmonious atmosphere for the incoming soul.

He asks you to nurture you inner child by taking time to play.

His other function is to assist with communication and any artistic endeavor. Call on him for guidance and help and he will inspire and motivate while opening doors for you.

His guidance is especially useful if you are to deliver spiritual messages. He calms the nerves and removes the fear that causes procrastination. He gives guidance and inspiration, which keeps you on your right path. Promotes action with positive results.

He works on the base and the sacral chakras, opening you to sympathy, understanding, and generosity and clearing negative emotions and beliefs.

He is often associated with spiritual leaders, spiritual scientists, astronomers, biochemists, physicists, and musicians.

His etheric retreat is in Mount Shasta, California and has a retreat at Findhorn, Scotland for purification and awakening.

The day on which his power is most powerfully felt on Earth is Friday.

Gabriel’s element is water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces,


Quietly direct Archangel Gabriel’s Angels of Purity and Guidance to radiate their white light to people on Earth who are confused or depressed.

When you sense that someone is lost or directionless, ask Archangel Gabriel to guide them on their path.


I invoke the magnificent presence of Archangel Gabriel and ask him to fill my aura with his purity. I ask him to light my path, bringing clarity and inspiration to guide me in finding my true purpose. Please fill my life with hope, joy, strength, and courage.

Pause and thank him.

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