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CAROL is the Principal Master Teacher for the Diana Cooper School in South Africa she is training students in the following modalities: Angels, Ascension, Golden Atlantis, Unicorns, Lemuria, Keys to the Universe, Orbs and Transform Your Life with the Diana Cooper School.

She also trained with Angelways and is an Angel practitioner. Carol is also an experienced , Crystal & Reiki Workshop Facilitator, Non Denominational Minister, Reiki Master & Tutor , Spiritual Counsellor, Angel Card Reader, Anteneea Practitioner , Past Life Regression Practitioner, Metamorphosis Practitioner, Crystal Healer.

Carol has appeared on TV 3 and been interviewed on radio shows, done talks at various venues, written many articles for newsletters and magazines. And with this vast knowledge she does workshops on an ongoing basis.

Currently residing in Bassonia, South Africa, Carol travelled to Wales and studied there with Diana Cooper. And with this vast knowledge she does angel workshops on an ongoing basis.

Carol also presently trains in a variety of metaphysical subjects as well as meditation groups , self-mastery classes and Channeling Classes.

Being involved in healing and teaching for 15 years, she is constantly reviewing and exploring new applications or ways of developing traditional healing systems and conducting alternative therapies.

Through many years of practice, Carol’s awareness of energy movement or lack thereof has become very strong. Her preference is to work with intuition, based on your personal needs as well as needs which may be unknown to you, but which your body will identify. Besides providing these invaluable services to you, Carol also will provide you with methods and ways of self-improvement.

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